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Being a country of immense bio-diversity, Venezuela has become a destination for many different kinds of scientific research. Pitangus is an enterprise dedicated to the development of scientific and specialized tourism in Venezuela.  Pitangus offers and provides efficient logistics to carry out any scientific research on the field.  These logistics involve transportation, accommodation, security, professional local consulting and support, among others.

Along with this, Pitangus also offers top quality touristic products to the specialized tourist: Ornithology, Entomology, Heperthology, Speleology, Orchidology, Marine Biology, Animal Encounter.  These products are either fixed or taylor made (adapted to the client’s requirements).

Pitangus also offers consulting, evaluation and strategical design for the creation and development of new eco-tourism projects.

All of our objectives are ecologically orientated and for the benefit of our own communities. Searching for a social and environmental awareness of the symbiotic circle we share with nature.

Pitangus was born to cover an area of tourism that has much to offer but has yet to be developed.  Although it is a young project, Pitangus has already become of great interest to several institutions. This promising company is currently engaged in the filming of a series of Birding documentaries throughout the country.

Our main goals are:

    1. To become Venezuela’s main reference as the provider of logistics for scientific research.

    2. To be the best company in the development of Specialized Tourism.

    3. To raise awareness among the general public regarding Venezuela’s rich ecosystems and environmental  issues.

    4. To participate, create and develop new schemes for eco-tourism and environmental protection programs such as Pitangus Birding Project.

    5. To help Venezuelan people by designing products dealing with community and social based tourism. In other words, products that will still deal with the development of a certain scientific field but that at the same time help the local communities to grow economically.


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