With some basic but important goals in mind: Conservation, Preservation and Protection, in Pitangus we have created the “Pitangus Birding Project”. This project establishes a net of protected areas all over Venezuela, which main objective is to preserve the ornithological richness of this magical country. To do so we have created several programs dedicated to the protection of the bird species and the environments they dwell in, as well as education programs for the people that live around these areas.

The Pitangus protected areas will serve as places where nature lovers from all over the world can visit on their own or by using some of our programs. Most of these areas already offer their own services to the general public. Pitangus birding project makes these already existing services environmentally aware and environmentally orientated.

This means that instead of keeping the areas for our own benefit, every person or institution, either from Venezuela or any other country, can easily use the Pitangus net and arrange their own trips to this places.

Since the objective is to help the birds, logically it must be an open scheme for everyone to develop and not just for some.

This areas will have local guides ready to help them carry out their trips and answer all their enquiries. Some of them may offer modest accommodation services but nonetheless they comply with our expectations.