As technology and science advance, as modernity comes to rule our every day life, the old days of normal and regular tourism are also changing and advancing. Tourism is becoming more and more demanding.

Although there is still in existence that old regular way of producing and operating tourism packages, a new way of doing tourism is emerging. Modern tourists are becoming more specialized.

Our specialized modality offers our clients a varied range of touristic products for special purposes and special interests.  Although these tours have set durations and set locations.  Their itineraries are open modifications to comply with our costumers needs. They cover a wide spectrum of fields of speciality and are guided either by biologists or by experts in different areas of specialization. The idea of this is to get the best results from the trip.

Some of our packages are seasonal, since many of the destinations within the itinerary can only be visited when the climate conditions allow us to do so.

Each and every package is developed and overlooked throughout the entire trip by Pitangus owner personally.

Costumer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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