Our social based modality deals with products concerned with the development of new touristic areas for the benefit of the people that live in these areas and that would run the products in situ.

For this Pitangus works in association with a NGO known as Fundación Programa Andes Tropicales. This institution has remarkably developed a brilliant net of touristic products throughout the Venezuelan Tropical Andes for over 15 years.  These products have two main objective. First to help the communities understand the fragility of nature in the areas they live.  And second the important role they play, as a community, to maintain the balance of the entire region´s biodiversity. 

The foundation’s programs have been a success. It has arisen environmental awareness among these communities and the project now counts with 5 main products and 3 new areas are under development at the moment.  Together all this products will create the biggest touristic platform in all the South-American Andes.

The tourist that engage in this products will be able to cross the entire Venezuelan Andes either by walking or on horseback. On the way he or she will visit the local town and villages and will stay in small hostels or camping areas designed for the economical development of these communities. 

Nowadays, Fundación Andes Tropicales is the only NGO in Venezuela sponsored almost entirely by the European Community and its great success has encourage many other associations around the Americas to follow on its steps.

Social Based tourism is a great idea to help rural communities grow economically. Projects like this should be implemented all over the world in poor areas such as Ethiopia., Kenya, etc.

In this  new modern world, organizations like this are the ones that establish new standards of tourism development around the world.  At Pitangus, we feel very proud to be one of “Programa Andes Tropicales” strategic associates in the developing of Social Based Tourism.