For any scientific research to be successful and deliver results that will ultimately generate accurate theories, certain premises must be followed.  For example, the research team must focus only on this: research. This will ensure that the course of the investigation will be carried out without having to worry about anything but the research itself.

But there are many other logistical features that the research group must understand and comply with. Whenever a project is undertaken, questions like these arise: How to get to the place where the research is taking place? Where to sleep in case the project demands several days of work? What to eat? Is it safe to transport the research team and technical equipment to the area of investigation? In case of foreign or unknown territories, is there a local expert that would take us and show us around?

These and many other concerns appear whenever a research group decides to take a plane to another country to undertake a specific scientific exploration.

Pitangus is a company dedicated to solving and working out all these logistical enquiries. Our main goal is to provide any scientific group undertaking any major research program in Venezuela with all the logistics to carry out such a project.

Our team of experts is ready to assist you and your institution throughout your investigation.  We can provide logistics for any kind of research in the Venezuelan territory as well as any other place in South America, given the proper time for preparation and planning.

We offer transportation, accommodation, all meals, security, on-site expert consulting and translation services.

Scientific research

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