Our specialized modality offers our clients a varied range of touristic products for special purposes and special interests. These tours are of a set duration and with set places to visit.  They cover a wide spectrum of fields of speciality and their itineraries cannot be changed. The idea of this is to get the best results from the trip.

Some of our packages are seasonal, since many of the destinations within the itinerary can only be visited when the climate conditions allow.

What’s Included: all these packages include inland air transportation (if applicable), food (3 meals a day), welcoming and soft drinks, accommodation (double or in group according to location), transportation (normally done on Toyota Land Cruiser long chassis), activities (mentioned in the package), entrance to national parks and a specialized bilingual guide.

What’s not included: Plane transportation from the country of origin, alcoholic beverages, airport taxes of any kind for inland or foreign flights.

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