This trip is by far the most comprehensive of the Venezuelan territory. It is an amazing trip that features Venezuela’s most beautiful nature and city landscapes. Intended for photographers and filmmakers (and guided by photographers and filmmakers) this trip will take you through 20 different ecosystems and and locations.

It is a very conformable trip, VIP style all the way, accommodation is luxurious and exclusive (this may vary according to location). A private photography specialized guide and driver will be with you at all times.

In this trip We take a total 6 flights, two on private plane and four on domestic commercial flights. Also we’ll take two helicopter flights, one to Angel Fall and one to Roraima and Kukenan tepuys.

As far as filming is concerned, Pitangus has worked with famous national filmmakers and has delivered excellent logistics for the development of programs such as, Venezuela Paraiso de Aves, Vive el Llano Venezolano, Vive Merida, among others.

Pitangus CEO also worked as consultant for the development of the Discovery Channel program called “Out of the Wild” in the Gran Sabana and was also in charge of teaching a curse on survival techniques for the cast.

Our team of photographers and filmmakers are ready to help you in the carry out of any filming or photography project anywhere within the country.

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Day 1:

The trip begins in the city of Caracas where our cients are picked up from the International Airport and taken to the local hotel for a comfortable rest.

Day 2:

Early in the morning, the group will take a plane towards the city of Barinas. Here a 4x4 vehicle will be waiting to take our clients to Hato el Cedral. A beautiful 5 star camp located in the heart of the Venezuelan Llanos. That afternoon a boat trip will take our guests face to face with the wildlife of the area. Orinoco Crocodile, Spectacled Caiman, Matamata turtle, Terecaya Turtle, Dolphin and more than 300 species of birds can be seen in this place.

Day 3:

Early in the morning and in the afternoon a truck safari on the Venezuelan savannas will give our guests a chance to witness this incredible countryside exploding with life.

Day 4:

This day the group will go to a camp nearby to enjoy a nice horse ride in the search of the mighty anaconda, for an opportunity to photograph or film this incredible creature. After lunch the group then will take a 4 hr journey to the city of Altamira, located in the low montane cloud forest of the Andes.

Day 5:

A swirling road take our guests up into the Andes. A tour that will take us to an altitude of 3400m over sea level to rest at a beautiful comfortable Hotel located in these incredible mountains.

Day 6:

A paramo full day is expected on this day. Our car will climb to an altitude of 4800m to see the magesty of the Venezuelan Andes. From there down to a colonial hostel located on the way down to the city of Merida.

Day 7:

This day we descend into the city of Merida. This colonial city is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. It has Venezuela’s oldest university and it is a great opportunity for urban pictrues.

Day 8:

We depart early in the morning towards the town of Jaji, this typical andean town shows the original arquitechture of the spanish coloners once they settled in these mountains. Later in the afternoon we’ll visit the town of Puerto Concha and will borad a boat that will take us in an afternoon safari into the maracaibo lake basin. This night we slepp in a palafito. This is the perfect place for photographing the lightning of catatumbo. (accommodation here is a bit rustic, but worth it nonetheless)

Day 9:

This day we go to the city of el vigia for a nice rest and preparation for the flight the next day. We’ll stay at a nice hotel where our guest will be able to backup their material and share their pictures with the group over a video bin.

Day 10:

Early in the morning our guest will take a private plane to the city of coro and visit the dunes. from there a vehicle will take them to a tour around the Paraguana peninsula and its xerophilia ecosystem.

Day 11:

This is a beach day, the guest will enjoy the nice water of the caribean and enjoy a fish BBQ by the sea shore.

Day 12:

This day the guest will board a plane to Caracas where they will change and take the plane to Canaima National Park and its Angel falls. They will arrive at the end of the afternoon to the local camp.

Day 13:

This day a helicoter ride will take our guest face to face with the Angel Fall, the afternoon is spent in the lagoon of canaima taking pictures in this area.

Day 14:

This whole day we spend it walking and visiting the different water fall that canaima national park has to offer.

Day 15:

A private plane takes our guest to the Gran Sabana an its wonderfull lands cape. This area has the world’s oldest rock formations. Here we’ll visit the town of Santa Elena de Uairen.


A helicopter will take us today to flight over some of the most beautiful tepui formation in the gran sabana, first the Roraima tepuy followed by Kukenan tepuy, incredible and unique landscape.

Day 17:

A 4x4 vehicle transfer to the city to Puerto Ordaz. Here a 5 star acommodation will get us ready for the final trip back to caracas for international connections the next day.

Day 18:

Transfer to local airport for a domestic flight to the city of Caracas (executive class).


- All transportation either on car, boat and domestic flights.

- All domestic transportation taxes.

- All activities mentioned on the tour.

- All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

- Soft drinks along transfers.

- All accommodation in hotels and camps.

- A professional English speaking guide will accompany the group at all times

- Entrance fee to National Parks


- Flight for Origin to Caracas

- International exit taxes.

- Alcoholics beverages.

- Entrance fees to nightclubs and bars

- Snacks along the transfers

- Tips for local guides (to tip the guide is a sign of a job well done)


- Mosquito repellent

- Small Sleeping Bag

- Headlight or Flashlight

- Sandals

- Water bottle

- Shorts or swimming suit

- Rain Jacket

- Fleece

- Hat or cap

- Sun Protection

- Dry bag

For more Information read “In and Out Venezuela”


Small groups from 2 to 4 people. 7500 US$ p/p 

One person? ....please contact us.

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Note: Although this trip has a fixed itinerary, We can tailor made any trip our clients can think of. Our trips adapt to our customers needs and budget.