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Orchids have always been a fascination for many tourist around the world. Venezuela is one of the best places in the world for orchid watching. Having this in mind, in Pitangus we have designed a package specially designed for orchid lovers. This package includes not only orchids but also Bromeliads, Espeletias, Ferns , Moss, Lichen and many other endemic species that can only be seen in Venezuela.

Our trip begins In the city of Caracas and a visit to the botanical gardens of the Central University of Venezuela.

What’s Included: all these packages include inland air transportation (if applicable), food (3 meals a day), welcoming and soft drinks, accommodation (double or in group according to location), transportation, all the activities (mentioned in the package), entrance to national parks and a specialized bilingual guide.

What’s not included: Plane transportation from the country of origin, alcoholic beverages, airport taxes of any kind for inland or foreign flights.

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