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En Venezuela has around 254 species of reptiles distrubuted in 3 Orders, 22 families and 105 genus. In our Herpetology trip our guests will see a good number of them.

(Geochelone carbonaria)

(Crocodylus acutus)

(Crocodylus intermedius)

(Caiman crocodylus)

(Boa constrictor)

(Epicrates cenchria)

(Eunectes mutrinus)

(Spilotes pullatus)

(Lachesis muta)

(Polychrus marmoratus)

(Tropidurus torquatus)

(Iguana iguana)

(Ameiva ameiva)

(podocnemis vogli)

What’s Included: all these packages include inland air transportation (if applicable), food (3 meals a day), welcoming and soft drinks, accommodation (double or in group according to location), transportation, all the activities (mentioned in the package), entrance to national parks and a specialized bilingual guide.

What’s not included: Plane transportation from the country of origin, alcoholic beverages, airport taxes of any kind for inland or foreign flights.

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