Day 1:

Arrival at Caracas international Airport. Transfer to local hotel. Either Edgar or his Assistant will be there waiting for you, to take you to a local hotel for dinner and rest.

Day 2:

Early in the morning the guests take a domestic flight towards the town of Barinas. A 4x4 transport will be waiting there. (if Edgar did not pick you up in Caracas he will be waiting for you in this airport) Next, a 3 hrs comfortable ride into the beautiful ecosystems of the venezuelan high and low Llanos.  On the road the guest will be served meat on stick, a typical meal of the Venezuelan Llanero. After arrival, the guest will rest and then go on an afternoon walk on the planes then for a night safari searching for different nocturnal creatures and other reptiles. Good opportunity for catching, marking and releasing a Spectacled Caiman.(Accommodation Camp style, modest yet comfortable, the guests sleep on hammocks and beds can be provided)  


Day 3:

After a typical breakfast the guest will enjoy the search, capture and release of the local anaconda. In the afternoon a nice boat ride on the Guaritico river to witness the enchanting of the llanos gallery forest.

Day 4:

In the morning will be spent fishing for piranhas, which then will be eaten for lunch. After a nice siesta, the guest will go on a horse ride over the savanna.

Day 5:

The day begins with a big plentiful breakfast in preparation for the trip in to the Andes. The entrance of the Andes through the south face is indeed a beautiful sight when you do it by car. The guest will go through 6 different kinds of ecosystems in only 5 hrs. The mucubaji lake marks the end of this day, located at 3400 mts is one of the most iconic lakes in Merida. The group will arrive at Hotel los Frailes located at 3200 meters above see level. This hotel which used to be a monastery. It is a perfect location to enjoy the beautiful yet harsh ecosystem of the Venezuelan Paramo. (Nice comfortable accommodation, double rooms).

Day 6:

After this, we’ll visit the area known as Mifafi and enjoy the one of the nicest views that the Venezuelan Andes has to offer.  All these within the most beautiful and amazing bio-diversity spread all over the tropical Andes. In the afternoon the crew will visit La Bravera posada, a small hostel located in the heart of the north face of the Andes (Nice comfortable accommodation on double rooms)

Day 7:

A morning walk takes the guest into the mid-range cloud forest and its beautiful wildlife. La Bravera is a paradise for the guest and it is place specialized in Hummingbirds or Colibri (Spanish Name). from here we go to have a nice lunch in la azulita and visit this beautiful and special town. In the afternoon we’ll arrive in the town of Puerto Concha and go on a boat safari on the concha river. We spend the night on a palafito located at the south of Maracaibo Lake. The palafito belongs to the park rangers and it is the best place to watch the lightning of Catatumbo. (Accommodation on local palafito, camp for police and park rangers)

Day 8:

Morning Safari to la Boyera to observe the Northern Screamer and other birds in the area. After lunch the guests are taken to Merida for a good rest in comfortable accommodations. 

Day 9:

The guest will enjoy a city tour of one Venezuela’s  most beautiful and cultured cities: Merida. Mercado Principal, the University and the city’s downtown are among the places to see. Later that night an overnight bus ride we’ll take our guest to the city of Coro and its dunes.

Day 10: After breakfast the guest will visit the Dunes and then continue a 3 hour journey towards chichiriviche and the national park of Morrocoy. Afternoon on the beach.

Day 11: Breakfast and boat transfer to Morrocoy Keys for snorkeling and beach day. 

Day 12: Breakfast and boat transfer to Morrocoy Keys for snorkeling and beach day.

Day 13: Transfer back to Coro’s national airport for domestic flight to caracas

Day 14: Breakfast and transfer to Airport for international connections.

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Andean Coatí, Tayra, Eira, Zulian Opossum, Southern River Otter, Red Squirrel, Collared Peccary, Caribbean Sea Dolphin, Common Maracaibo Fox, Common Fox, Red Howler Monkey, White-Fcd. Capuchin Monkey, Brown Spider Monkey, Striped-hognose Skunk, Capybara, White-tailed Deer, Red Brocquet Deer, Fishing Bat, Vampire, Northern Tamandua, Two-toed sloth, Nine Banded Armadillo, Kinkajú, Paca, Ocelot, Pink Dolphin, Bottled-nose Dolphin, Giant Ant Eater, Yaguarundi, among others.


Common Iguana , Red-tailed Boa, Anaconda, Tropical Rattlesnake, Ferdelance, Coral Snake, Parrot Snake, Brown Tree Frog, Red-footed Tortoise, Matamata Turtle, Galapago, Orinoco Caiman, Spectacled Caiman, Common Toad, Basilisk, Paradox Frog, False Chameleon, Diadema Turtle, Horned Frog, Queen Snake, Garden Tree Boa.



Rose-crowned Parakeet, Black-mandibled toucan,  Military Macaw,  Sooty-capped Hermit, Yellow-billed Toucanet, Rusty-breasted Antpitta, Blue-naped Chlorophonia, Crimson-backed Tanagager. Black Phoebe, Golden-winged Manakin, Mourning Warbler, Yellow-legged and Chestnut-bellied Thrushes, Summer, Blue-necked and Magpie Tanagers, Golden-rumped Euphonia, Lesser Goldfinch Wedge-billed Hummingbird, Booted Racket-tail, Azara’s Spinetail, Venezuelan Tyrannulet, Variegated Bristle-Tyrant and Blue-and-black Tanager.


Collared Aracari, Northern Screamer, Puffbird, Laughing hawk, Great Potoo, Slender-billed Kite,  American Pygmy kingfisher, Snail Kite, Little Blue and Capped Herons, Bare-faced Ibis, Black-bellied Whistling-Duck, Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture, Osprey, Slender-billed Kite, Black-collared Hawk, Common Black-Hawk, Purple Gallinule, Wattled Jacana, Large-billed Tern, Pale-vented Pigeon, Short-tailed Swift, Shining-green Hummingbird, Amazon and Green Kingfishers, Yellow-chinned Spinetail, Pied Water-Tyrant, the striking White-headed Marsh-Tyrant, Black-capped Donacobius, Prothonotary Warbler and Yellow-hooded Blackbird.


Red-crested Cotinga,  White-browed Spintail, Merida Wren, Barred Fruiteater, Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia, Crimson-mantled  Woodcreeper, Crimson-mantled Woodpecker, Rusty-faced Parrot, Merida Sunangel, Merida Fowerpiercer, Rose-crowned Parakeet, Golden Starfrontlet, Orange-throated Sunangel, Gorgeted Woodstar, Golden-headed Quetzal,  Undulated Antpitta, Grey-naped Antpitta, Unicoloured Tapaculo, Mérida Tapaculo, Venezuelan Tyrannulet, Golden-breasted Fruiteater, Black-collared Jay, White-fronted Whitestart, Grey-capped Hemispingus, Slaty-backed Hemispingus, Moustached Brush-Finch.


Torrent Duck, Sword-billed hummingbird, Masked Flowerpiercer, Paramo Seedeater, Bearded Helmcrest, Ochre-browed Thistletail, Plain-coloured Seedeater,  Andean Teal, Andean-tit Spintail. Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle, Bar-winged Cinclodes, Ochre-browed Thistletail, Streak-backed Canastero, Brown-backed Chat-Tyrant, Brown-bellied Swallow, the endemic Mérida (or Paramo) Wren, Paramo Pipit, Plumbeous Sierra-Finch, Andean Siskin.


Agami Heron, Pearl Kite, Snail Kite, King Vulture, Yellow Knobbed Curassow, Hoatzin,White-tailed, Green-and-rufous kingfisher, American Pygmy Kingfishers, Amazonian Black Tyrant, Whistling Heron, Zigzag heron, Boat-billed Heron, Sun Bittern, Nightjars, Scarlet Macaw. Jabiru, Maguari Stork. Black-capped Donacobius.King Vulture, White-tailed Kite, Crane, Savanna and White-tailed Hawks, Great Black-Hawk,  Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, Boat-billed Heron, Green-and-rufous Pygmy, American Pygmy Kingfishers, Amazonian Black-Tyrant.


  1. -All transportation either on car, boat and domestic flights.

  2. -All domestic transportation taxes.

- All activities mentioned on the tour.

- All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

- Soft drinks along transfers.

- All accommodation in hotels and camps.

- A professional English speaking guide will accompany the group at all times

- Entrance fee to National Parks


- Flight for Origin to Caracas

- International exit taxes.

- Alcoholics beverages.

- Entrance fees to nightclubs and bars

- Snacks along the transfers

- Tips for local guides (to tip the guide is a sign of a job well done)


- Mosquito repellent

- Small Sleeping Bag

- Headlight or Flashlight

- Sandals

- Water bottle

- Shorts or swimming suit

- Rain Jacket

- Fleece

- Hat or cap

- Sun Protection

- Dry bag


Small groups from 1 to 6 people.

2200 US$ p/p (2 or more people)

2500 US$ (one person)

For more Information read “In and Out Venezuela”

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