The X-Pack is designed for those people who just want to experience the extreme side of Venezuela in two weeks.  Mountain Bike, Downhill, Rafting, Paragliding, Bridge Pendulum, Rock Climbing, Canyoning, and the Bolivar’s Peak ascension are the activities included in this trip.
All of the X Pack activities take place in Merida and Barinas. The first day begins with a rush of adrenaline for the days to come and a bridge pendulum is the perfect set for it. After a nice lunch the pax is taken to Tierra Negra for a 40 min paragliding tandem flight. On day two it’s time for the Canyoning in Santa Catalina river.  This activity will take the whole day as they descend the valley of Sta Catalina river, jumps, slides and three upsails of 12, 18 and 30 mts respectively. Day three is devoted to mountain biking, a nice line through the mountains surrounding Merida will test the groups abilities for uphill and cross country mountain biking. The next day is downhill. Again the group is taken to Tierra Negra. From there they downhill into las Gonzales. This dirt road is very dangerous and should not be taken slightly. After downhill day the pax goes to Barinas State to the Acequia river for the rafting adventure.
Two rafting days await our group. The first day includes an introductory course to rafting with a 7 km descend of the river (class 3). Next day the long jump 20 km down the river for a maximum rush of adrenaline (class 3 to five). The same day after a delicious lunch of meat on the stick the pax will go back to Merida to prepare for the days ahead. The day after arrival,  the group will spend a day bouldering and climbing in El Valle. The climbing on this day includes a river picnic. It is in fact a resting day for what’s to come: the Bolivar Peak Ascension.

Bolivar peak is a beautiful yet demanding trek to Venezuela’s highest peaks: Humbolt and Bolivar. The whole trek will take 5 days beginning in la Mucuy Alta. On day one, the group ascend up to La Coromoto Lake for the first base camp. On second day they continue onto Laguna Verde lake from where they will ascend the Humboldt’s glacier.  The third day is the traverse from Humboldt to Bolivar Base Camp located in Timoncito Lake. Fourth day is the final ascent to Bolivar’s Peak (at 5.007 Mts). The fifth day will be for descending through the cable car station down into Chamita where the car will be waiting to take them back to Merida For a warm dinner and final party at a local nightclub. The day after the pax is taken to el Vigia  for the flight to Caracas airport and their international connections.

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