rock climbing

Rock climbing is our longest package and it goes from one side of Venezuela to the other.  It’s a 21 days adventure that visits the seven most amazing rock climbing sites in Venezuela. Merida, La Azulita, Zarare, San Juan De Los Morros, Caracas, Puerto la Cruz  and Miraflores. With difficulty levels ranging from 5.10 (5b+) up to 5.14 (8c+), this great adventure will be followed up by the best guides in the area of sport and classic rock climbing.

The first day of this trip begins with a plane transfer from Caracas to Merida city in Los Andes.  An afternoon of climbing at Roca del San Pedro will welcome the group to Merida upon arrival. The next day is a bouldering day. Morning and afternoon bouldering in the mountain of el Valle with a delicious picnic and swim in the river at lunch time.  After this, the pax is taken to La Azulita a little village located in the middle of the cloud forest of
the Andes. This amazing place, has 55 lines already bolted that range from different level from amateur to professional.  Two days in la Azulita will be followed by a trip to Zarare (Lara State). In this location, there are two different climbing schools: La Cementera y La Unviversidad with more than 140 climbing lines on beautiful Lime-rock.

After Zarare comes San Juan De Los Morros, a morro is a rocky outcrop round in shape and often very high. Morros are commonly made of granite or quartz. The morros of Guarico are 40 mts rock formations perfect for classic climbing. Two days in this place will give the chance to our group to free climb two beautiful lines in this amazing site.

Caracas is the next destination. The National Park of Las Cuevas del Indio is the first established climbing school in Venezuela. 110 different lines await the pax for two days of great excitement. This site also has one of Venezuela’s hardest lines called La Rinocer
onte Herida (the wounded rhino 5.13d). Caracas will also offer the opportunity for a nice night out in town before going east.
The eastern states of Venezuela will be the place of the last two sites. One of them is Anzoategui, where the pax will be taken to Isla de Monos (Monkey Island) to do some Psycho-bloc. This is one of the latest tendencies in rock climbing.A Psycho-bloc is a climbing line on an island wall or land that raises on top of water; the climber does not use any safety equipment such as rope or harness. All He or She uses is climbing shoes and chalk. If the climber falls, he will fall on deep water.
The famous climber Chris Sharma climbed at this location in 2007 while filming a climbing movie. Miraflores is the last final climbing spot on this trip. Miraflores is a canyon located in Monagas State. With lines of 100 mts tall this is the perfect spot to end this amazing trip. From here the pax will go to Cumana where they will take their plane back to Caracas International Airport for their International Connections.
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